Alfa-Med LLC

The Life Stream

software for Sensitive devices

A new program Life Stream, which became the result of multi-year work of the Alfa-Med LLC. Dozens of scientists, doctors, highly proficient Russian and foreign specialists in cooperation with scientific research institutes and laboratories have been working over the program

In terms of protection, readout and data processing algorithm Life Stream is almost unachievable for competitors in the coming years. In terms of requests rate to the unit investigated, the number of spectrograms and data processing rate Life Stream significantly outperforms the previous programs.

All in all it is just a basic program! Its further development (upgrading) resources are really enormous. Potential capacity of the program allows to update it, expand its database, increase the number of spectrograms, introduce new options, add functions and features.

Life Stream program capabilities:

  • Express-evaluation of health state.
  • Detection of the most weakened systems and organs.
  • Establishing a provisional diagnoses (standardly similar to processes" diagnoses).
  • Detection of pathogenic microflora, the degree of its activity and localization zone.
  • Inapparent microflora detection.
  • Selection and testing of medicinal products (vegeto-test).
  • Recommendations for health recovery (selective complexes).
  • Detection of allergens.
  • Unstable laboratory results (their qualitative evaluation).
  • Therapeutic opportunities (frequency compensation, bioresonance therapy).
  • Informational products preparing (spectronosodes).
  • Detection of the degree of harmful energo-informational effect on the organism.
  • Evaluation of contaminants, i.e. the degree of accumulation in the organism of:
    • mycotoxins
    • pesticides
    • herbicides
    • nitrates and nitrites
    • fungicides
    • heavy metals
  • The degree of accumulation of harmful E numbers (food additives).
  • Detection of genetic burden of diseases.
  • The function of biorhythms calculation according to 4 parameters: physical, mental, emotional and the combined one.
  • An opportunity to compare health state before and after the reinstating course.

Updates of LifeStream software

Such wide range of operations and functions of the Life Stream program makes possible its use in different areas of healthcare industry. Special recognition the program finds in health and beauty centres, sports and recreation centres, sanatoriums and preventoriums.