Sensitive devices

The primary feature of Sensitive Audit equipment and Sensitive I M A G O devices is their ability to detect organ dysfunction at the symptom-free stage. This is achieved through fixation and deep analysis of human electromagnetic radiation. Any disease is preceded by changes in the electromagnetic energy exchange. By fixing these changes in advance, our quantum diagnostics helps detect problems before they manifest themselves loudly.

The proposed process is non-invasive, automatic and faster than a series of standard tests.

Наступила эра нового видения человека и иного подхода к здоровью

и мы идем в ногу со временем.

We produce four classes of devices

Depending on the type of activity you can choose the most optimal machine as regards its price and capabilities for a rapid assessment of a person's functional and energy state.

Sensitive AuditSensitive Imago
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If you only believe in ultrasound, x-ray or invitro tests, better pass by. There are technologies that cannot become immediately clear and are not taught at school or university. We keep up with the times. The era of a new vision of human body and a different approach to health has come.

We create hypersensitive equipment. Its use enables you to say "we can see what is hidden!"