Alfa-Med LLC companies group is developing and manufacturing hardware-software complexes for the health diagnostic testing


Research work is performed by the PhD and doctors of medical, biological and technical sciences. Taking into account the consumer's interest and different level of financial investments Holding factories are manufacturing 2 Classes of SENSITIV IMAGO devices:

  • basic models: 130, 120
  • business models: 530, 531, 520, 500

The general parameters of these devices are quality and accuracy – and the financial risk level at the device of any kind purchase is reduced to zero. SENSITIV IMAGO device is a narrow design that have no analogs in Russia. New technologies used in the devices manufacturing allow to increase the range of the possibilities in the diagnostics together with allowing to work at the “See, what's hidden” principle.

The Sensitiv Imago device for health estimation, manufactured by our company, allows not only to increase the quality of provided services, but will also play an important role in enhancing the prestige of your center. With Budget, Professional and Business class models, there are numerous choices available for purchase.

How does it work?

It is the latest advance in bio-resonance technology and can do a complex scan and balancing of the human body. It can identify the pathological processes in the early stages where traditional methods like ultrasound are not effective.
The Sensitiv Imago aligns itself with the organs electromagnetic frequencies, processing the data and providing biological norm frequencies to balance deviations. It can also identify and detect viruses, bacterial and allergens. From the results, it is able to ascertain and recommend the correct supplements, food, herbs and other products to allow the body to recover.

A full range of instruments and equipment can be found on the SENSITIV IMAGO website

Sensitiv imago - Bioresonance device for full check-up and renewal of the human body health