Sensitiv Imago

bioresonance machine for full check-up of the human body health

Sensitiv Imago – quantum body analyzer. Bioresonance machine for full check-up of the human body health

Device Parameters
Alfa-Tech LLC
Life Stream
Mains voltage
~110 V (±10%)
Power-line frequency
60±1 hz
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)

The device can be purchased in standard trim with a possibility to buy plug-ins in the future.

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The methodology of the Sensitiv Imago diagnostics is based on scientific research clarifying the fundamental nature of biological matter in our vicinity. The waves that surround all differ from each other due to their characteristics. The living cell of a biological object has its own wave frequency, whilst the frequency of an invalid cell is changed. Each therapeutic preparation has its own peculiar frequency waves. These properties are recorded by the Sensitiv Imago computer diagnostics.


  • Express-evaluation of health state.
  • Detection of the most weakened systems and organs.
  • Establishing a provisional diagnoses (standardly similar to processes" diagnoses).
  • Detection of pathogenic microflora, the degree of its activity and localization zone.
  • Inapparent microflora detection.
  • Selection and testing of medicinal products (vegeto-test).
  • Recommendations for health recovery (selective complexes).
  • Detection of allergens.
  • Unstable laboratory results (their qualitative evaluation).
  • Therapeutic opportunities (frequency compensation, bioresonance therapy).
  • Informational products preparing (spectronosodes).
  • Detection of the degree of harmful energo-informational effect on the organism.
  • Evaluation of contaminants, i.e. the degree of accumulation in the organism of:
    • mycotoxins
    • pesticides
    • herbicides
    • nitrates and nitrites
    • fungicides
    • heavy metals
  • The degree of accumulation of harmful E numbers (food additives).
  • Detection of genetic burden of diseases.
  • The function of biorhythms calculation according to 4 parameters: physical, mental, emotional and the combined one.
  • An opportunity to compare health state before and after the reinstating course.
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