Sensitiv Imago

Professional models

Sensitiv Imago – professional models. Computer diagnostics using the Sensitiv Imago permits the operator to locate and reveal the problem in the body

Device Parameters
Alfa-Tech LLC
Life Stream
Mains voltage
~110 V (±10%)
Power-line frequency
60±1 hz
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)

Computer diagnostics using the Sensitiv Imago permits the operator to locate and reveal the problem in the body during the initial stage and then rectifies the problem from permeating to the clinical stage.

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The Sensitiv Imago 100 is a device that ensures no physical discomfort to the patient due to the new type of floating generator. A simple USB connection to a PC allows all data and results of the computer diagnosis to be recorded .This data is encrypted allowing the owner confidentiality over the results. Multi-sample inspection at quality control stage ensures failure free operation during operation of the device. Organs can be investigated and analysed by the diagnostic device with anatomical and histological views. Any part of the body can be scanned and analysed and examined in all cause-effect relationships.

Our research scientists and design engineers have developed different models including an economy class model based on the original Sentiv Imago 100, ensuring computer diagnostics devices are available to all patients.(Sensitiv Imago 30,60 and 70). Business class models (Sensitiv Imago 500, 510) ensures perfect tracing and locating of health problems.

The Sensitiv Imago 100 has an identical system as the model 110. The fundamental difference from the 110 model is a more precise Euro standard and comes with a European certificate.


  • Equipped with new generation peripherals.
  • Has a specific power supply block with protection system.
  • Furnished with new connector sockets for the peripherals hook-up.
  • Equipped with more advanced hand sensors of new generation.
  • Physical configuration of the device is redesigned.
  • The interface block includes:
    1. SBA sensors – 100 pieces;
    2. “floating” load generator;
    3. block of digital and analog filters;
    4. automatic alignment and calibration block;
    5. two magneto-optical chambers;
    6. infrared detector (IR detector) with a built-in feedback unit.
  • The only model of series 100 officially authorized for sale on the territory of the USA.
  • The models are produced on a European material basis. Assembly, materials and soldering comply with the EU standards.
  • Sensitiv Imago 135 is assembled according to the new European quality management standards 9001.
  • The device is registered in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA as class 2 medical equipment.
  • Warranty – 2 years.
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