Sensitive Audit

a new line of modular diagnostic hardware-software complexes (HSC)

SensitivE Audit – quantum analyzer. New line of modular diagnostic hardware-software complexes

Device Parameters
Alfa-Tech LLC
Life Stream
Mains voltage
~110 V (±10%)
Power-line frequency
60±1 hz
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)

The device can be purchased in standard trim with a possibility to buy plug-ins in the future.

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Sensitive Audit 550 and Sensitive Audit 555 open a new model line of devices for human body diagnosis. These models are developed on the basis of Sensitive Imago 530 and Sensitive Imago 535 and have similar functionality. The unique and distinctive feature of SensitivE Audit devices is that a new modular system which connects peripheral devices to the main unit. The absence of interdependencies in the work of the modules allows to connect them both individually and in any combination with each other. The modular system allows you to expand the functionality of the equipment in phases, due to the required sequence.

Audit's quantum diagnostics works via the LifeStream® program like that of Sensitiv Imago.

Device configuration:

The SensitiveAudit 550 standard trim is similar to that of Sensitiv imago 530 or 535 as regards their performance. The model is classified as a high-end product. The device's production meets all the requirements specified in the United States and the European Union.

TempoHeart module

Module Configuration:

  • arterial pulse receptor,
  • modular block on the motherboard,
  • Heart rate variability section in the LifeStream program.

Analysis conducted by the heart rate variability module shows the state of mechanisms engaged in regulating physiological functions of the human body: the general activity of regulatory mechanisms; balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system; intensity of the body's adaptive response when exposed to stress factors.

TempoHeart module is recognized as the most informative non-invasive method to quantitatively assess heart rate’s vegetative regulation.

This method allows to evaluate:

heart rate's vegetative regulation; the functional status of regulatory body systems based on an integrated approach to the blood circulatory system as an indicator of the entire body's adaptation activity; predict the risk of myocardial infarction, hypertensive crises and cerebral accidents; detect most-at-risk groups as regards heart rate extra stability; assess the level of stress, the degree of strain in regulatory systems when exposed to extreme and sub-extreme influences; make a cold evaluation of the autonomic nervous system's reaction when the body is exposed to electromagnetic fields.

LineBIA module

Module Configuration:

  • hand electrodes
  • foot electrodes
  • modular block on the motherboard,
  • Bioimpedansometry section in the LifeStream program.

The module analyzes body composition, the quantitative liquid content, body mass index and carries out control and correction of dietary plans, physical conditioning assessment and water-salt metabolism analysis.

Measuring body composition through bioimpedansometry is based on assessing the distribution of water volumes in the human body. Analyzing the fractional composition of the human body is based on the conductivity of muscle mass as compared to fat, which is interrelated with the varying fluid content in tissue structures. Bioimpedansometric analysis is based on tissue ability to conduct electricity. Tissue resistance to current is positively related to their liquid content: muscular tissue is an active and powerful conductor, unlike weakly hydrated adipose tissues. As a result, bioimpedansometry is inversely related to the liquid content in human body tissues. High-frequency currents pass through liquids, making it possible to measure the fat-free mass, while low-frequency currents are absorbed in the extracellular space. As a result, we have an objective method of analyzing human body composition in a safe and objective way.

Module with the LifeStream program determines:

Quantitative liquid content in the body; the amount of intracellular, extracellular and intercellular fluid; the degree of water retention. Extracellular fluid is the aggregate volume of blood and lymph. Any decrease in the extracellular fluid content leads to blood thickening and poses a risk of thromboses, heart attacks, cerebral accidents.

Body mass index is designed to provide a standard metric for evaluating individuals’ weight relative to their height and allows to detect underweight or overweight.

Basal energy expenditure is a calculation of daily caloric expenditure providing for a normal functioning of the body. An increase in the metabolic rate entails calorie burning. A decrease in the metabolic rate entails adipose tissue growth.

Active cell mass: the growth of the active cell mass in the human body depends on energy consumption. A decrease in the active cell mass may cause thyroid and liver pathologies. Monitoring body composition will allow to observe the results of the formed dietary plans and correct contents of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet.

Bone mass: bone mass deficit is a consequence of osteoporosis and leads to the development of indolent spontaneous bone fractures and severe spine and bone deformities.

NeuroStim module

Module Configuration:

  • glasses with built-in headphones for neurovegetative stimulation,
  • mind machine module on the motherboard,
  • mind machine section in the LifeStream program.

Biofeedback module programs are designed to provide relaxation and create certain states of consciousness through the effects of rhythm, pitch of tone and acoustic intervals of sound and light stimulation. The mind machine uses pulsating sound and light signals to obtain a particular emotional response from a person, whether it be energy activity or somnolence.

The main programs, divided into numerous sessions, include: Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep, Learning, Energizing, Creative activity/visualization, Rest/entertainment, Breathing sessions and so on.

This quantum device allows to increase and improve the following:

  • memory;
  • intelligence level;
  • physical endurance;
  • mental activity;
  • learning ability;
  • psychoemotional state;
  • sleep;
  • recovery after emotional or physical stress;
  • psychophysiological state of an athlete in order to efficiently prepare for any competition.

Module Configuration:

  • frontal electrodes on a tape;
  • hand electrodes on a wooden mount;
  • foot electrodes on a wooden mount;
  • modular block on the motherboard,
  • Diagonal segmentary amplitude measurement section in the LifeStream program.

The DynamicBIA module analyzes tissue conduction and microcirculation disorders under pre-dosed irritators, revealing hidden seats of tissue conduction defects and their impact on the patient's functional backup of adaptation.

Diagonal segmentary amplitude measurement of frequency and wave conductivity is based on measuring active and reactive resistance. The active component is attributable to the presence of fluids in the body and points to the active resistance which appears when passing dosed frequency and wave load. The reactive component is attributable to the presence of cell membranes and shows the extent to which the cell is able to accumulate the electric charge during the test.

DynamicBIA module has the following benefits: consistent marking of frequency and wave information about the patient in conformity with the energy meridians; information update to exclude tissue electrolysis; the presence of a positioning system for the person's magnetic field with due regard to the anti-polarization effects and effects of tissue electrolysis. This method is highly informative, because the results are inspired by the analysis of reference pathological processes, the 17 000 spectrograms.

TempoLab module

The plug-in module:

  • pulse registration sensor;
  • thermovascular sensor;
  • modular block on the motherboard;
  • relevant section in the LifeStream program.

This biofeedback works through the use of spectrophotometric analysis, which includes measuring light absorption and reflection of a certain wavelength and electromagnetic radiation of body parts while registering infrared emission of arterial temperatures.

This method allows to comfortably obtain 85 parameters as regards the peripheral and biochemical blood composition, hemodynamic parameters, a variety of information about transporting oxygen in the blood, functioning of the cardiovascular system, interrelation with the haematologic, enzymatic and immune systems.

This method appears as a preliminary hint to the specialist and cannot replace medical laboratory assessment.

Energonformational Field (EF) module

Energy information field is a common name for the aura. The module provides information about the person's psychoemotional and psychophysiological state. Aura form reveals available human adaptation resources.

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